Mandatory Training

What is Mandatory Training? 

Mandatory Training is training that is required either:

  • by law
  • where a statutory body has instructed that training is provided on the basis of specific legislation
  • determined as mandatory by NHSBT

All employees will be required to complete Corporate mandatory training. Some roles will also have Role Specific mandatory training to complete. These will be allocated on your mandatory training account.

How do I access / complete Mandatory Training for NHSBT colleagues

If you are an NHSBT employee you will need to complete any on-line mandatory training on the My ESR portal.  If you have forgotten your password you can request a reset password via the My ESR login page.  For more information on this use our Login to ESR guidance document.

You will also be able to view your compliance status to see if training is completed or due for renewal.

This presentation  will help you access, select, launch & use mandatory learning on MyESR via the Blood Donation Teams iPad, an NHSBT device and/or any personal device.

There are a few common issues with training not being updated in MyESR, for support on this use our Guidance document for supporting with issues with Mandatory Training in ESR on how to ensure your training is updated.

How do I access / complete Mandatory Training for Agency and Contractor colleagues

For agency workers and contractors, their Mandatory Training is completed on Brightspace

If your Contractor becomes a permanent NHSBT employee you should contact HR Direct to request that their mandatory training record is updated from Brightspace into ESR.


Overview of Brightspace NHSBT's digital learning platform - A video with an overview of Brightspace

Brightspace Learner User Video Guide - A video with useful information and guidance for Brightspace users

Brightspace Manager's User Video Guide - A short video with information on how to access and run manager's reports from Brightspace

How do I report on Mandatory Training

Managers will be able to access their team’s mandatory training records in MyESR.  For support on how to access and run reports in ESR please view; 

New Starter Mandatory Training

For new employees Mandatory Training requirements will be allocated on ESR, but for Contractors/Agency workers the manager will need to log a call to HR Direct to advise what mandatory training should be allocated to their new starter's Brightspace account.

Role Specific training is allocated onto an individuals account and is determined by job role:


  • Adult Basic Life Support* 

*These courses will be organised locally by your manager.

Face to Face Mandatory Training

To enable face to face mandatory training to be recorded, a course attendance training log needs to be completed and returned. The completed course attendance training log needs to be returned to contact HR Direct. Please ensure all the information completed on the form is legible. This will ensure the compliance is recorded correctly.

Mandatory Training Policy, FAQ's and Guidance

Mandatory Training Policy - Details of NHSBT's mandatory training policies and procedures

Mandatory Training FAQ's -  Frequently asked questions regarding Mandatory Training

Brightspace - FAQ's - Frequently asked questions relating to Brightspace (NHSBT's on-line learning platform)

How to access current Face to Face Mandatory Training - Information on how to access Face to Face training during Covid19