I want to find information about:

Domestic Abuse 

Information for colleagues who may be experiencing Domestic Abuse including a new policy and links to support.

Employee Assistance Programme

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), provided by Health Assured, is there to advise and support you through the difficult times.  It is a free, confidential service accessible by phone, online or mobile app 24 hours a day.  The Health Assured portal provides access to wellbeing fact sheets, videos, self-help programmes, interactive tools and educational resources to help with life’s challenges.  The phone line connects you with qualified advisors who can arrange counselling and signpost you towards other support services available

Flu Campaign

Every year NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) provides flu vaccinations for all colleagues. These vaccines become available towards the end of September and are manufactured to combat the currently active strains of the influenza virus. 

Eye Care

Wellbeing information about eye care, completing a Workstation Risk Assessment and claiming for Eye Care vouchers (test and contribution)

Health, Issues and Concerns

Information on a range of health issue and concerns e.g Menopause

Hybrid Working

Tools and resources to support colleagues when Hybrid Working. We will review the resources regularly to reflect any changes to guidance.

Mental Health

Mental ill-health covers any conditions that affect a persons’ state of mind.

Occupational Health (OH)

The Occupational Health (OH) service is provided by a third party.

Opening Up Centres – Guidance for All

All centres are now open.

Peer Support

Information to help us support each other information about Mental Health and Wellbeing Champions, Disability and Health Promotion Advocates and Health and Wellbeing Links

Supporting Tools and Processes

Links and information on supporting tools for you.  This area also holds specific tools on managing stress.  Stress is not an illness, but rather a ‘state of mind’. If stress becomes excessive and prolonged, it can lead to physical and mental health problems.

Workplace Adjustment Agreements 

Workplace adjustments can be temporary or long-term, and they can be anything that will help an individual to cope with whatever situation they are facing whilst also being able to maintain their job. 

How to prepare for a Wellbeing conversation?