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The Rolling Calendar provides course information which includes dates and locations of NHSBT courses.  Access the Rolling Calendar to book your place.

You can also log onto Brightspace and discover a range of on-line packages.

New starter - Your Journey starts here

Digital Learning module for new starters to NHSBT - *Only accessible if you are logged in to the NHSBT network (network connection through Citrix/NHSBT Desktop).

Influencing Skills

Information on Influencing Skills programmes.

Coaching Conversations

Information on the Coaching Conversations on-line module.

Manager as Coach

Manager as Coach Programme outline and booking form.

Leadership and Management Development

Information on Leadership and Management Development.

Scientific and Clinical

Information on Scientific and Clinical courses.

Introduction to Finance and Procurement

Information on the Introduction to Finance and Procurement course.


Information on NHSBT's Apprenticeship programme. 

Safety Training

Information on Health, Safety and Wellbeing training.

Recruitment and Selection Training

Information on Recruitment and Selection training.

ICT Training

Information on ICT training.

Continuous Improvement Training

Information on Continuous Improvement training.

Planning for your Retirement Course

Information on Pre-retirement courses.