ICT Training

ICT Training is provided by QA Limited. This training can be for groups held in house (Private) at a specified NHSBT site, in which case the normal procedure through i-procurement outlined will apply or it may be booked for individual/multiple employees at one of their centres or online on a public course. NHSBT has negotiated preferential rates for both private and public training courses for either individual or multiple employees, please contact Ros Gill (Rosalind.gill@nhsbt.nhs.uk) for applicable charging rates and course availability, a temporary booking ID will be provided which must be quoted on the PO, which must be received by the Supplier prior to the date of the training event.

Payment is made by the employee's department. To book an individual on a course at this preferential rate contact Ros Gill (Rosalind.gill@nhsbt.nhs.uk) with the employee's name, contact details, course title and preferred date and confirm either course venue or online delivery. A place will be provisionally held until a Purchase Order is forwarded to QA Ltd.

If you require any further information please email Ros Gill (Rosalind.gill@nhsbt.nhs.uk)