EASY is the electronic system used for the submitting and approval of timesheets, expenses, annual leave and absences. It is also where your payslips will be submitted. For more information on accessing and reading your Payslip, please see the payslip page.

Whilst the majority of employees will use the EASY system for all of their claims, donor carers' hours are paid through the Nextra system. Some donor carers also now use Nextra for all claims apart from their expenses. For more information, please see the Donor Session Information page.

If you are looking for advise on the completion or authorisation of timesheets, please see the timesheets and hours page.

For advise on claiming and authorising expenses, please see the expenses page.

If you are looking for information on the claiming and authorising of annual leave or absences, please see the Absence and annual leave page.

Registering and First Access

After you join NHSBT, you will receive an email providing you with your assignment number. Once you have received this email, you should wait 1-2 days before trying to self register on the EASY website.

If you need help with registering with EASY, please see the EASY registration guide.

Once registered with EASY, you will be able to access EASY from any location, not just through an NHSBT connection.

Reports in EASY

Basic reports can be run in EASY for absence and time sheet information. See the EASY reports overview document. If you require further information a detailed guidance document for EASY reports is also available.

General Checking Guide

For an overview of checking guidance please see the EASY Checking Guidance document