EASY is the main system for the processing of payments through timesheets, expenses and absences. It is also the main site for payslips. All employees who have payslips generated will have these available to them on their EASY account.

Payslips are usually available on EASY around about midday on the day before the payments are due to be paid. Generally, salaries are due to be paid on the 23rd of each month, however there are some exceptions to this. Please refer to the Pay and Expenses timetable to confirm the dates when payments are due.

As there can be a lot of information on your payslip, we have created an Understanding your Payslip guide to help with this.

Donor Carers do not claim additional payments through EASY, but rather through Nextra. Nextra creates and Employee Calculation that is used to create the payments for Donor Carer staff. To make sure you have been paid correctly, you can compare your employee calculations to your EASY payslip. For more information, please see the Donor Session Information page.