Donor Session Information

Employees that work for the Blood Collection sessions for donor centres and mobile teams have their monthly payments processed differently to other staff. Donor Session staff use two systems for their pay, EASY and Nextra. Nextra is used to calculate the hours to be paid to Donor carers based on sessions worked, and holds employee calculations. EASY contains the employee payslips, is used for the claiming of expenses and, for a few of the Donor Carer teams, is used for the recording of annual leave and absence.

NHSBT are currently developing an updated Nextra website, Nextra e-rostering. This will allow for more local control over the input of session information. To date, around 95% have moved on to the new system, with plans for all teams to be on by December 2021.

Employees that work on these team will use the new Nextra system for the recording of their annual leave and absences, instead of the EASY system. Bank staff on these teams do not need to complete their timesheets on the EASY system, and will be paid in line with the Roster Fortnight SummaryVisit the Nextra E-rostering site here.

For more information on the use of both Nextra and EASY, please see their People First pages linked below: