Timesheet & hours claims

EASY timesheets are the main system used for the claiming of any hours that generate enhanced payments. These are hours that are extra to the contracted, basic hours that are paid as a salary to employees each month. Timesheets are used to claim:

  •  Excess Basic hours - These are hours worked between a part time employees contracted hours and the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) 37.5 hours per week. Bank (0 hour) staff should claim any hours worked below FTE as excess basic.
  • Overtime Hours - These are any hours worked above the FTE that have been agreed to be paid and not taken as time in lieu.
  • Unsocial Hours - Unsocial hours should be claimed in line with the Unsocial Hours Agreement
  • On Call/Call out - These hours should be claimed by any employees that work on call or call out hours in line with the On-Call agreement.

 Donor carer staff do not claim their hours through timesheets on EASY. These are instead paid through the Nextra system based on sessions worked. For more information see the Donor Session Information page.

 Timesheet Guidance

To hep with the completion of your timesheet, some guidance has been put together

Authorisation guidance

Once the employees have submitted their timesheets, these will need to be approved by their supervisor before the monthly deadline of 22:00 on the 8th each month to make sure the timesheet is successfully extracted. To help with the approval process, please see the Manager's authorisation guide.

Christmas and New Year hours guidance

Claiming unsocial hours payments over Christmas and New Year period

Claiming unsocial hours payments over Christmas and New Year period - Scotland

Exceptional Payments

There are a small number of exceptional payments that are not claimed through the EASY system and can only be claimed through other claim forms. These exceptions are listed below, along with guidance and the forms needed to claim: