Allowances and Local Agreements

In general pay and working arrangements are defined by AfC or Medical terms and conditions. There are some local NHSBT specific agreements that define working arrangements and pay related to certain areas. The key agreements are listed below and have been agreed with our recognised trade unions (see the Trade Unions page for more information).

What agreement are you looking for?

Christmas and New Year hours guidance

Claiming unsocial hours payments over Christmas and New Year period

Claiming unsocial hours payments over Christmas and New Year period - Scotland

NHSBT Local Agreements

Working arrangements Handbook

National On-call agreement

National On-call agreement for NHSBT Clinical Services

Unsocial Hours Agreement

High Cost Area Supplements (HCAS)

High Cost Area locations

HCAS rates effective from 1st April 2022

Recruitment and Retention Premia*

*Here you will find guidance on how NHSBT determines, applies and monitors local Recruitment and Retention Premia.

Recruitment and Retention Guidance

Recruitment Premia Checklist

Retention Premia Checklist

Responsibility Allowance (The Responsibility Guidance is currently being updated. From the 1st March 2024 new Responsibility Allowance requests will not be accepted for Band 8a posts and above)

Responsibility Allowance Guidance

Management application for assigning Responsibility Allowance