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Pay Progression

The 2018 framework agreement on the reform of Agenda for Change introduced provisions to move to a new pay system with faster progression to the top of pay bands through fewer pay step points. 

Pay progression is intended to ensure that within each pay band staff have the appropriate knowledge and skills they need to carry out their roles and so make the greatest possible contribution to patient care. 

April 2021 marked the introduction of pay progression for all colleagues and the end of automatic increments. The new Progression Framework requires managers to open the pay steps for their employees ahead of any pay affecting pay step dates. 

The key criteria of Pay Progression

The below diagram highlights the criteria that must be met by an employee to enable them to progress through to the next pay step:

Pay Progression

Criteria 1: Criteria 2: Criteria 3: Criteria 4: Criteria 5:

Employee's PDPR has taken place in the last 12 months.

Employee's Mandatory training up to date.

Employee is not subject to disciplinary.

Employee is not subject to capability.

For Line Managers Only - Employee has completed PDPRs for direct reports.