Trade Unions and Partnership Working

NHSBT is committed to working in partnership with its employees and recognised trade unions, to maximise the successful delivery of the organisation's strategy and corporate objectives, ensuring robust processes are in place for full and meaningful consultation, negotiation and genuine involvement in decisions that effect employees lives. We are proud to work in partnership with the following recognised trade unions:

You can find more information and links to the different Union websites on the Trade Unions information area

For dates of Joint Officers, National SPC & Directorate SPCs, these can be accessed using the calendar. 

We have a 'Working in Partnership Agreement and Framework' in place, which sets out our partnership approach to enable joint working throughout the organisation. 

Appendix 9 has been reviewed pending full review of the Working in Partnership Agreement & Framework. 

For further information and guidance on consultations/change go to the 'Organisational Change page'.

For information on Trade Union reporting visit the Trade Union reporting information page.