We have policies and supportive tools available to all employees to assist in their health, well-being and regular attendance at work. We value the contribution our employees make to our success and high attendance levels are vital to us continuing to achieve high levels of performance. The Attendance Policy should be used to:

  • Support employee attendance
  • Manage short term and long-term sickness
  • Manage unauthorised absence from work

For information on other types of time off work, such as time off work for medical appointments, special leave, annual leave etc, refer to the Time off Work section. For information regarding Occupational Health, refer to the Occupational Health pages.

Attendance Case Management Support

If you require support with managing any attendance cases this is available through HR Direct.  For more information read through our Attendance Support page. 


Guidance and Checklists

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Template Letters

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For any attendance concerns for Blood Donation agency workers, refer to the raising a matter of concern under the Blood Donation Resourcing and Onboarding – Blood Collections page.