HR Policy Forum

In-line with our Working in Partnership Agreement and Framework, policy formulation consists of consultation with our Staff Side partners: Unison, Unite, Royal College of Nursing (RCN), GMB and British Medical Association (BMA).

There is a Sub Group (Policy Sub Group) of the Staff Partnership Committee (SPC) , that meets on a regular basis to discuss and agree content of new policies and amendments to existing policies.

On conclusion of this process, the agreed documents go to the SPC for approval.  Following approval, they are published for use within the organisation.

Policy Formulation Process

The membership is made up of management representatives with technical knowledge of the subject area, and staff side representatives. Others in attendance could include:

  • An open seat
  • A nomination from a union or;
  • A subject matter expert

Getting Involved

Feeding back on our HR policies

If you have something to say about an existing HR Policy or have thoughts and ideas about subjects we are lacking information in, we would like to hear from you. Provide your feedback here on our HR policies to tell us what you think.

Open Seat information

Would you like to attend a Policy Sub Group meeting? If so, discuss this with your manager first and register your interest to attend a Policy sub group.

Getting involved

If you have an interest in helping to develop changes to policies or new policies and processes, we are keen to hear form you.  We particularly like our stakeholders and customers to be involved so that we can seek to understand what they may need from these processes. If you would like to get involved, please register your interest in policy development.

Other organisations practice

If you know of other organisations that have particularly innovative policies and processes, and if they are willing to share them with us, please let us know by completing our policy form.

In Development

We are pausing Policy development and amendments due to the current Covid 19 situation.  Instead we are focusing on Covid related FAQs and essential updates.

Latest Releases

Transitioning at Work Policy

  • New policy to support those transitioning at work or have commenced transitioning when being recruited
  • This policy goes above and beyond current legislation and should be used alongside existing policies to support our Trans colleagues. 

Recruitment and Induction Policy

  • Clarification given to when early referral to Final Review Meeting/early termination, is appropriate
  • Minor Changes to reflect changes to the Corporate Induction training materials and access to this
  • Updated Flowchart to reflect the above 

Uniform and Standard Dress Policy

  • Minor changes and clarity given to what can be worn
  • Minor changes to reflect differences in devolved administrations (different parts of the UK) 

Whistleblowing Policy

  • Simplification of process and change order of contact
  • Addition of Freedom to Speak up Guardian
  • Removal of Duplication in Policy and FAQs 

Secondment and Fixed Term Policy

  • Addition of section and FAQs on Seconding In, following a review of the process
  • Greater clarity on existing colleagues taking Fixed Term posts if a secondment is refused
  • Improved guidance on strongly recommending that managers accept secondment and to provide full justification if turned down
  • Additional clarity provided as to when redundancy may apply to a fixed term post 

Policy Development has been halted due to Covid 19 and is currently planned to restart in July 2020.

We would like to hear your comments and suggestions in relation to HR Policy.

Policy Initiation and Review Process

As a member of one of the groups below, you have the ability to initiate for discussion a new policy or identify a potential change to an existing policy:

  • SPC Union Representative
  • PSG Member
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Member of an SMT

Should you wish to suggest policy changes we would like to hear from you.