Attendance Case Management support

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Register a Long-term sickness case:

If a member of your team has been absent for 28 days OR have indicated that they will be absent for this period of time, please register the employee case with HR Direct.

Tell us:

  • The employees name
  • If you are in regular contact with the employee (frequency)
  • Reason for absence/condition
  • Likely return date (if known)
  • If an Absence Support Meeting has taken place
  • How we should contact you using the box provided. This enables an HR Advisor to contact and discuss the case with you.

Register a Stage 3 sickness case:

If a member of your team has triggered Stages 1 and 2 of the Attendance Policy and/or their episodes/pattern of sickness is unsustainable. Register your proposed Stage 3 sickness case with HR Direct prior to proceeding to stage 3 panel.

Tell us:

  • The employees name
  • Date of stage 1 meeting (if applicable)
  • Date of stage 2 meeting (if applicable)
  • Is the employee currently absent
  • Likely return date (if known) 

Alternatively, you may register the case by phoning HR Direct on (0117) 3227700

Access Attendance Case Management support

The following templates are available to be used for case management: 

Access Attendance templates

Template letters for Short term (stages 1,2 and 3), Long term sickness absences and Unathorised Absences.