NHSBT Together Recognition Scheme


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The call for nominations for this year’s NHSBT Together Awards is now closed. We would like to congratulate everyone who was nominated (we had nearly 900) as well as all our shortlisted teams and colleagues.

Betsy Bassis, NHSBT’s Chief Executive stated: “I am proud and inspired by the way we have pulled together to rise to the challenge of COVID-19. The NHSBT Together awards have been designed to recognise and celebrate teams and individuals who have made a real difference.

Please continue to visit People First for information regarding upcoming award and recognition schemes.

If you’d like to recognise someone for their efforts now, please do a shout out on Yammer. It really makes a difference. 

If you’d like to view a recorded version of our awards ceremony, please have a look at our awards page on Link Below. We’re planning on shortly launching an awards wall where you can view all nominated individuals/teams. Check our awards page for more information* 

*Only accessible if you are logged in to the NHSBT network (network connection through Citrix/NHSBT Desktop).