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  • Outcome of Stage 3 Final Review meeting AS12

    Template letter to go to an employee to inform of the outcome of the decision taken by the review panel at the Final Absence Review meeting. This letter must be sent within 7 calendar days of the date the Final Review Meeting took place.

  • Outcome of VCR or VTR Panel CH22

    Template letter to send to employees regarding the outcome of Voluntary Compulsory Redundancy (VCR) and Voluntary Transfer of Redundancy (VTR) Panels.

  • Person Specification Template

    Template to be used when putting together a new person specification (PS) for a position/job.

  • Receipt of Grievance submission form confirmation letter GRV2

    Grievance template letter to be used once you have received a submission and need to confirm receipt. You must send this before the grievance form is passed to an independent manager.

  • Receipt of Grievance verbal or letter confirmation letter GRV1

    Grievance template letter to be used  confirm receipt of the complaint/grievance.  It gives you the opportunity to have a further dialogue or request a full grievance submission if appropriate.  If you have received a grievance form as the first step, you should use GRV2 template letter.

  • Record of Clinical Supervision - Supervisee CLS2

    Template for recording Clinical Supervision session by the employee being supervised.

  • Record of Clinical Supervision Supervisor CLS3

    Template for recording Clinical Supervision session by the supervisor. 

  • Request to contact letter UNAU1

    Template to request an employee, who has failed to attend work, to contact you and to advise them their pay has been stopped. Can be used if an employee who is currently off work due to sickness, has failed to contact you within the agreed arrangement and/or failed to provide an initial or subsequent GP Fit note(s).