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  • Invitation to Consultation Launch CH2

    Template used to invite employees to attend a Formal Consultation launch presentation.

  • Invitation to Final Consultation meeting to contemplate dismissal due to Redundancy CH24

    Template letter inviting employee to a final consultation meeting to contemplate dismissal due to redundancy.

  • Invitation to Final Decisions Presentation CH9

    Template to use when sending an invite to a final presentation regarding organisational change.

  • Invite to appeal FLEX6

    Flexible Working template letter to be used should your employee appeal the decision made in relation to their flexible working request. As the manager’s manager you will need to use FLEX6 to confirm receipt of appeal and to invite to a panel meeting.

  • Invite to appeal panel DIS14

    Disciplinary template letter to be used by the manager identified to hear the appeal to a panel outcome.  Use DIS14 to invite the employee to the Appeal Panel meeting.

  • Invite to consider flexible working application FLEX1

    Template letter to be used upon receiving an application for Flexible working (MUST be on the correct application form). 
    Send FLEX1 to confirm receipt and invite to a meeting. You may not always need a meeting. If you are happy to agree with every aspect of the application, you can simply confirm in an outcome letter.  Do not delay in acting, as we have a statutory obligation to close an application within 90 days, including appeal.

  • Invite to Disciplinary Panel meeting for unauthorised absence UNAU3

    Template letter to go to an employee, who has failed to attend work, to inform of the outcome of the formal investigation. This template provides options depending on whether the employee attended the investigation meeting or still has not made contact. This will also act as the invite to a disciplinary panel meeting if appropriate. This should be held without delay, however, you need to provide reasonable notice.

  • Invite to end of formal Capability review meeting CAP5

    Letter template to send to employee detailing date, time and location of end of formal Capability review meeting.