Equality Impact Assessments

What is an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA)?

An EIA is a way of finding out whether a current or proposed policy, procedure, strategy or service affects different groups of people in different ways, positively or adversely. 

The EIA helps to ensure that NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is positive about diversity. Provides protections against all forms of discrimination for employees and donors. They help to ensure that we consider the needs of people from diverse backgrounds in the design and delivery of services and employment practices and to ensure they can be tailored. 

Aims of the Equality Impact Assessment process

The aims of the EIA process are to evaluate:

  • The extent of differential impact upon different protected characteristics
  • Whether that impact is adverse or positive
  • If there are alternatives which remove the adverse impact
  • Whether there are measures which can be employed to reduce the adverse impact

For information about completing an EIA please refer to the Equality Impact Assessment Guide.

To complete an Equality Impact Assessment use the online survey