Diversity in Talent Management

One of the key strategic objectives in our talent management approach, is to improve the diversity of our senior leadership team. Whether that be race, gender, sexual orientation or disability. We recognise that greater diversity produces more diverse thinking, problem solving and innovation.

We have stated our strategic objective is to increase our BAME representation in posts at band 8A+. This is due to the under-representation of BAME colleagues in NHSBT senior positions.  This objective has a direct link to our strategic objective to save and improve more lives and work with BAME communities. The link between BAME communities, BAME donors and BAME colleagues in NHSBT is vital to the future success of our organisation and direct delivery of our services to patients. 

One of our first steps is ensuring that we review development plans for BAME colleagues at band 7+.  This will be followed up by managers holding career conversations with BAME colleagues about their career aspirations.  That will enable each colleague to have a clear development plan.  This may be considered for talent management into senior leadership, subject to their career aspirations.