Key Leadership Skills and Behaviours

OWD offer a suite of Leadership skills and behaviour opportunities identified below.

Management is a skill and NHSBT is committed to supporting leaders and managers to gain, maintain and develop their confidence and competence. 

Inspirational stories of how people have developed as leaders.

We have been speaking to Leaders across NHSBT and these are questions they were asking. 

Effective Line Manager  

Advanced Line Manager

Inclusive Leader

What is Leadership and Management? 

How do I manage performance?

How do I effectively manage Change?

How do I develop as a Manager and Leader?

How do I develop and empower people?


How do I get change to stick?

How do I become an inclusive leader?

What is different about being a manager and leader? 

What is my role in managing performance?





How does change happen


How do teams operate? 


How do I outline what is expected of m team? 



How do I solve problems and make decisions? 


How do I understand and recognise bias? 

What is expected of a leader?

How can I influence change?

 How do I behave as a leader? 

 What is the best way to manage stakeholders?

 How do I effectively challenge non-inclusive behaviour? 




How do teams operate?


What is the impact of change on people

How do I manage myself and others? 


How do I empower others to improve and develop? 


 How do I plan projects? 


How do I manage Stakeholders?

If any of the above are similar to the challenges you face and you would you like support, options open to you are:

Workbooks to use independently       

ELM Leadership and Management


ELM Managing Performance


ELM Managing Change  

ALM Leadership and Management


ALM Managing Performance   

ALM Managing Change

Inclusive Leader    

 Virtual Support (others share your learning) 

Book an on-line induction and virtual classroom      

 Intensive face to face programme - Due to the requirement to comply with National Social Distancing requirements a classroom based programme is currently unavailable      

How do I manage Stakeholders - Resources to support Leadership Skills and Behaviours