On-line Tutorials

Little TED’s – Mini Knowledge Talks

OWD have developed a range of learning talks to support your growth as a People Manager/Leader.

Little TED comes from the world of ‘Action Learning’ and it literally means: Tell, Explain and Describe. The aim of these talks is to help you to reflect on your current practice, as well as challenge yourself to do something different.

Leadership as a Process Videos 1-4

Video : Leadership as a Process Talk 1 - Pathfinding - A short video to help to understand the different roles undertaken, when managing and leading a team. 

Video : Leadership as a Process Talk 2: Alignment - A short video about considering are your team aligned to do the work you have set out to achieve? 

Video : Leadership as a Process Talk 3 - Empowering - A short video discussing the importance of supporting your team to help deliver on required outputs. 

Video : Leadership as a Process Talk 4 - Modelling and Summary - A short video regarding modelling your behaviour to meet the needs of both the team and your customers. 

The Differences between Leadership and Management

Video : The differences between Leadership and Management - This video explores the main differences between the roles of Leaders and Managers.

The Change Equation

Video : The Change Equation - What you need to know about change - This short video will guide through the basics of the Change Equation.

The Circle of Influence

Video : The Circle of Influence - Choosing your Reaction - This short video will help you to understand why people might react in the way they do to a range of situations. It also looks at the pitfalls that may bring.

Time Management Basics

Video : Time Management Basics - This short video will allow you to take some time out to assess where you are spending your time at work.

Influencing Skills

Influencing Skills – Push and Pull Part 1 of 3 - In this NHSBT ‘Little TED’ talk, Warren Scott introduces the concepts of both ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ influencing styles and how they might be effective in the workplace.

Influencing Skills – Push and Pull Part 2 of 3 - This short NHSBT 'Little TED' film continues from part one and explores how to use the 'push' and 'pull' energies when you are trying to influence others. It also explores the pitfalls of using too much of overusing either of the energies and the impact it can have.

Influencing Skills – Push and Pull Part 3 of 3 - In this final video with Warren Scott talking about the art of influencing, he discusses some of the practical applications of using both ‘Push and Pull’ energies and some of the benefits of using them too. Warren also poses some meaningful questions about how you might currently influence and what you could do to improve this beyond where you are now. This is the final video in this three-part series.