Our Voice

In 2020 we launched an Our Voice pulse survey in partnership with Peakon. This is a new platform introduced to enable NHSBT to regularly produce surveys. It provides easier access for completing the survey and reviewing the responses.

It also enables us to track progress over time, while providing managers more opportunities to engage with their teams.

A pulse survey was completed in July, with 4044 or 71% of our eligible colleagues responding.

Our Directorates have agreed to some priorities in response to the 2020 survey

Our corporate actions in response to the Our Voice – We are Listening pulse survey are now available here 

The action areas are:

  • Increasing  the ability for colleagues to feel they can voice their opinions without fear of reprisal, or no action being taken
  • Taking steps to improve the view of colleagues and the management and leadership of the organisation
  • Improving the PDPR process and enabling time to ensure 1 to 1s are held
  • Significantly reducing the number of colleagues who feel discrimination in any form whilst working at NHSBT 

We encourage all teams to commit to action planning, and have had over 100 of our managers attend one of our action planning webinars as well as over 200 attend our ‘working with comments’ feedback webinars. If you hadn’t had a chance to join an action planning webinar, you can view a pre-recorded version here.

Your feedback will inform the actions we take over the coming weeks and months and help shape our culture and ways of working.  With the new Peakon survey tool we’ll be able to run more regular surveys so that can better keep in touch with your views and feedback.

A national full survey is set to take please in the spring. Please stay up to date with People First and Link for more information.

What is Peakon?

Peakon is an employee engagement platform which enables us to not only produce surveys on a regular basis but also to track progress over time while providing managers more opportunities to engage with their teams.

The platform is much more interactive then a traditional survey, allowing managers and leaders to instantly access results and conduct action planning right away.

As with all our surveys, all respondent information is kept confidential and reports are only generated for teams of six or more.

Staffside fully supported the survey.  You can view the joint union statement supporting this. 

To find out more about Peakon watch the Peakon survey video on how the survey and responses work.

Are surveys confidential? 

All surveys are completely confidential and meet NHSBT General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) standards.  Identifiable information is not provided to managers.  Any feedback provided from Peakon is anonymous.

Managers do NOT see any reports or comments for teams/segments of six or fewer respondents.

Peakon does offer a comments section, in which managers can CONFIDENTIALLY engage in an email discussion with colleagues.  If a manager sends a response to a comment, they will not see who the response has gone to.  You can view more on this using the ‘Working with comments’ video. This allows for a more open level of organisational dialogue to make NHSBT a better place to work.

Information for Managers

Managers can view the Peakon Induction video for Managers.  This provides you, as a manager, with an overview of what information you will see, how to access it and how to make comparisons.

We will be launching a full survey for all colleagues in Spring, 2021. Please stay up to date with Link, Peoplefirst and Team talk for more information regarding the survey.