Our Voice

Every colleague will get the chance to have their say when the Our Voice survey returns in January.

We are taking a new approach so we can build a richer picture of what we do well and where we need to improve.

In January, everyone will be asked 17-20 questions. This will happen again in February and March until everyone has been asked the full bank of 52 questions. This will give us a baseline to help us understand what actions we need to take. We then aim to move to a monthly survey so we can hear your views regularly and work to continuously improve.

Your line manager will only see responses if six or more team members answer a question. Your comments will be anonymised, however we encourage you to refrain from providing information which could identify you.

Following your feedback we have also paused the facility for managers to reply through the system while we work to prepare everyone for acting on your survey results.

Please visit our Link site for more information and resources to help you.