Childcare/Carer Support


To find out about childcare support visit the Government website

For existing members of the Childcare voucher scheme: you can still use the mylifestyle portal to change your contributions each month. Election windows to change deductions usually open between the 6th and 23rd of each month. These changes will then come into effect the following months.

If you choose to leave the scheme, you’ll have 12 months in which you can decide to re-join. Many parents choose to reduce their monthly contributions to £1 to remain on the scheme during months in which they’ll not require vouchers (for example, school holidays).

If you joined the scheme previously and left after 30th October, 2017 and would like to re-join please contact HR Direct and they will pass your query on to the relevant team.


For support our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provide practical guidance and information. This include factsheets on finding care homes, information and guidance on fees, transfer of assets, local authority’s duties and LA housing vs. private residential homes.

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