Health and Wellbeing Links

Health and Wellbeing Links

Various networks exist within NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) to provide support and information to you whenever you might need it.

Health and wellbeing Links are in place to promote and encourage the health and wellbeing agenda within the NHSBT. They are able to signpost to all the support that is available to colleagues, as well as moving forward with any initiatives that centres, departments or teams are interested in.

The role of Health and Wellbeing Link has been running within Blood Donation and Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation (OTDT) for a few years now.

The role was created to enable information about health and wellbeing initiatives being run within NHSBT to be cascaded to teams who had limited or no contact with a main centre and therefore felt that they were missing out.

The plan is now to widen this network to all centres and departments.

Are there any health and wellbeing initiatives that you think would work in your centre?

Is there a market for a book club, running group or Pilates class where you work?

Do you have the enthusiasm and interest in driving this forward?


Take a proactive approach in supporting the NHSBT commitment to your health and wellbeing by championing physical and mental health and wellbeing initiatives and promotions within your centre / department / team.

Job Purpose / Key Duties

  • Promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing to your immediate team through the cascade delivery of a monthly H&WB brief.
  • Supporting existing workplace health and wellbeing promotions.
  • Starting new health and wellbeing promotions / initiatives in motion, based on local demand and interest.
  • Encourage your colleagues to participate and be involved in health and wellbeing promotions within your department / team.
  • Signpost on health promotion matters with your managers and colleagues.

If you are interested in volunteering for this (or any other network), please contact HR Direct