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  • Guidance on Completing Probation Templates

    The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on how to complete probation template letters.

  • How to prepare for a wellbeing conversation

    Template for use by employees to support you with preparing for a conversation with your manager about your wellbeing.  The template takes you through some different questions to consider so that you can make notes about what your concerns, how it is affecting you and what support you've already accessed.

  • Individual Impact Letter Following collective consultation CH11

    Template letter to let individuals know the impact of organisational change on their job.

  • Investigation meeting OUTCOME issue of uncontested sanction DIS4

    Disciplinary letter to be used when an employee has accepted a sanction offered immediately after a disciplinary investigation has taken place.  Use this once you have spoken with a senior manager for their view, and a sanction
    is recommended. The appropriate person offers the sanction and gives the employee 7 calendar days to accept. As soon as they accept, send this letter to confirm the outcome and level of sanction etc.

  • Investigation meeting invite witness DIS12

    Disciplinary template letter to be used to invite a witness (of the alleged incident)  to a meeting to discuss with you what they may have seen/heard.

  • Investigation meeting OUTCOME hearing recommended DIS6

    Disciplinary template letter to use by  the senior manager reviewing the case have when they recommend that the case go to a full
    disciplinary panel for consideration.  This letter will summarise the outcome of the investigation (you may need input here from the investigation manager) and invite the employee to a formal panel meeting.

  • Investigation meeting OUTCOME no case to answer DIS7

    Disciplinary template letter to be used when you, as the commissioning manager, have had the investigation report, and your decision is that based on the evidence there is ‘no case to answer’. Use this letter to confirm the outcome to the employee.

  • Investigation OUTCOME re. sanction contested DIS5

    Disciplinary template letter to be used if the employee declines the sanction offered directly after the investigation is completed.  If you
    have been asked to chair a disciplinary panel you should use this letter to invite the employee to a formal panel meeting.