The Apprenticeship Scheme

Apprenticeships are nationally recognised, work-based learning programmes.

By completing a mixture of on and off-the-job training you will be equipped with the necessary skills to complete the apprenticeship. The training will be delivered by an external training provider. There are a variety of apprenticeship programmes available at different academic levels to support you in your job role.

Apprenticeship programmes are known as Apprenticeship Standards. Each Standard has specific skills, knowledge and behaviours which are required for your job role. The Apprenticeship Standards are being continuously developed; giving you the opportunity to progress onto a higher level based on your career aspirations.

Details of the Apprenticeship Scheme are here Apprenticeship Scheme* and are a key component of NHSBT’s People Strategy and the future of NHSBT relies upon us having a skilled and talented workforce to support the delivery of our services and saving even more lives. The scheme is open to employees new to the organisation and all colleagues, supporting you in the role you do now and/or preparing you for a future role. All training delivery costs are 100% funded through the Apprenticeship Levy NHSBT has to pay. 

Having a vibrant apprenticeship scheme means that NHSBT is developing the future talent of the organisation, ensuring employees and colleagues are ready for the complex, challenging and exciting demands of running our organisation now and in the future.

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