Support for Development

Whilst there are a wide range of development opportunities available within NHSBT, there will be times when, attending a conference or studying externally will be appropriate.  Development of this kind, which will require extra funding, must be linked to the professional requirements for your role.  Such requests should be discussed in your PDPR and incorporated into your development plan. 

Development over £900

Applications for funding over £900 can be submitted at any time. They will be considered annually, with a cut-off date for submission of applications of 31st March. Applications will be reviewed by the specific directorate Senior Management Team.

Development under £900

Applications for funding under £900 can be submitted at any time. You should discuss this development with your manager and submit an application form to them for their consideration. These applications will be considered locally by your senior leader throughout the year.  Once you have approval for your request, please complete the Support for Development Reporting Tool, indicating the total cost of the development ex VAT. OWD do not need a copy of your application form for any development costing under £900

DDTS Learning Academy

If you are in the DDTS (Digital, Data & Technology Services) directorate there is funding from the DDTS Learning Academy available to you. To find out more, you can access the DDTS Learning Academy, or you can contact . 

Support for Development Documents

Support for Development application form - Link to application form to apply for funding to complete a qualification.

Course Fees Deduction Form - Form to complete when arranging deductions from salary for course fees. Applicants need to submit a new Course Deduction Form for each year of study

Support for Development Policy - Link to support for Professional Development Policy.

Support for Development FAQ's - Link to FAQ's for Support for Professional Development Funding applications.