Preparing for Effective Interviews

Congratulations, you made it to interview! You can use the resources in this section for information on what to expect at your interview, for advice on different types of interview and how to prepare effectively, including a range of interview questions and sample answers.

Guide to Interviews - A guide to help prepare for effective interviews

Guide to Interview Testing and Selection Methods - A guide identifying Interview Testing and Selection methods

Top 10 Tips to Interviews - Tips to Interviews, before, during and after

Sample Interview Questions - A document identifying sample interview questions for different kinds of interviews (general and competency based) 

General Interview Questions and Sample Answers - A document identifying generic interview questions and sample answers

Competency Based Interview Questions and Sample Answers (Using Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR)) A document identifying Competency based interview questions and answers

Top 10 Tips for Accepting and Starting a New Position - Tips to consider before accepting and starting a new job.