Employee - Leavers Information

Once you know you are leaving you should read through the Leavers Policy and Leavers FAQs follow the relevant process depending on the reason why you are leaving. Then let your Line Manager know. 

If you are considering Flexible Retirement, visit the Flexible Retirement page.

If you are considering full Retirement, visit the Pensions page

Things to action;

  1. Leavers Questionnaire: On leaving NHSBT we offer all colleagues the opportunity to provide feedback on their personal experience during their time with us. A link to the Leaver Questionnaire will be sent in an email to you from Pay Support on receipt of your leavers form or you can complete the questionnaire here Leavers Questionnaire.  This will take around five minutes of your time to complete. You should only use this link once a date of leaving has been formally agreed with their line manager.  Your responses are confidential and will be read by HR Direct to help us understand the reasons why people leave, what we do well and any improvements we need to make.
  2. Annual Leave: you should use the annual leave calculator to recalculate how much leave you have for this leave year up to your leaving date. If you have leave left to take discuss with your manager when you can take this before you leave. Ensure your EASY leave record is up to date.
  3. Deductions: if you currently have any deductions taken from your salary e.g. season tickets, cycle to work scheme make your Manager aware.  
  4. Equipment and ID/Security passes: discuss and agree with your manager how and when you will return any NHSBT equipment e.g. computer, mobile etc. and ID/Security passes. 
  5. Uniform: if you have a uniform for work discuss and agree with your manager how and when you will return