Declaration of Interests

NHSBT employees must declare any interest, gift or hospitality that might influence their decision-making. Interests, gifts and hospitality should be declared in My ESR as soon as possible. 

Follow the guidance and support document for information about how to access ESR.

Follow the How to Record an Interest in ESR document for additional guidance.

Access to My ESR.

Towards the end of each financial year NHSBT completes a ‘declaration of interests’ exercise. All colleagues at Band 8a and above, budget holders, approvers of above £10k and Finance staff must confirm their ‘declaration of interests’ in My ESR each year.

Full guidance about what gifts or hospitality can be accepted and when declarations are required can be found in the Anti-Fraud Bribery and Corruption policy and Anti-Fraud Bribery and Corruption Frequently Asked Questions.