Update Personal Details

Updating your details

You can update most personal changes through your Electronic Staff Records (ESR) system. Log in to your MyESR login page to update;

  • Home address
  • Own contact details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religious belief
  • Marital status 
  • Disability details
  • Bank account (you need to be connected to NHSBT Wifi either using Citrix or logging in when at a NHSBT location to update these)

Any changes made will automatically update your details on our HR/Pay records and also EASY, NHS Pensions, HMRC.

Below are guidance documents on how to make the changes;

There are also e-learning packages which take you through how to access and update various details on ESR. Note: These links will take you to an external e-learning platform, and therefore may take a few minutes to load. We recommend that all links are opened with Internet Explorer.

Change I want to make isn't listed above

If the personal change you want to make is not listed above or you are having trouble updating them on ESR use our personal changes form*.

*Form is only accessible if you are logged in to the NHSBT network (network connection through Citrix/NHSBT Desktop). As a result it may take a moment to load.