Update Employee Details

What change are you looking for?

Employee has changed their contracted hours, pay allowances or the nature of their contract

If one of your employees has changed their;

  • Contracted hours
  • Nature of contract (e.g. Fixed Term, Maternity)
  • Pay allowances (e.g. shift conditions, High Cost Area (HCA) supplement, driving allowance)

you need to complete a contractual changes form (ESR FRM103)*. For medical staff complete a contractual changes form-medics (ESR FRM103m)*. For apprentice staff, complete a notification of change to Apprentice form (ESR FRM103a)*.

Use the following guidance to help you when completing the form;

*Form is only accessible if you are logged in to the NHSBT network (network connection through Citrix/NHSBT Desktop). As a result it may take a moment to load.

Employee has moved into a new position

For changes to job title, grade, location (base) or department/cost centre you will need to move the employee to a new position.  Check the Organisation and Position Structures page to see if there is a position that is already set up or if you need to request a new one.

Employee has a new Line Manager/Supervisor

Changes to line manager or supervisor for an employee are automatically updated when they change position or where their line manager has left or moved to a new role.  

Employee has moved into a Line Manager/Supervisor role

When an employee moves into a new position which is a management role, the level of access and approval that they will have in EASY and ESR is automatically set up.  This is identified from the 'profile level' linked with the position. 

If the position is new you will need to decided what 'profile level' you want added to the position.  You can find this information on this on the Profile Level details page.

Once the approval access levels has been set up in the relevant systems a confirmation email will go out to the relevant Budget Manager, Line Manager and Employee.

Managers are able to delegate approvals for EASY by using the how to set up EASY delegation guidance.

For any changes to timesheet approvals please raise a query with HR Direct to discuss.