Work Experience Information for NHSBT Managers

Work Experience Information for NHSBT Managers

We recognise providing work experience and placements enables individuals to gain experience in our workplace.

Should you receive an enquiry directly from a student or learner or an educational establishment, and you are able to facilitate their requirements, ask them to complete this application form and return it to you. This will ensure you receive all the information you need to take forward the request.  Students must be sponsored to participate by their school or college.

As a work experience supervisor, you may be asked to confirm Health and Safety, insurance and liability information to the learner's sponsor. MPD470 confirms our responsibilities when young people visit NHSBT sites. Directorate risk assessments are available on People First. If you are asked to provide further evidence of our public or employer liability insurance, the certificate is available from the Working in Partnership  page.

Work experience is defined as having the following criteria:

  • For a period of up to a maximum of 2 weeks
  • Placed by an educational establishment, e.g. school or college
  • Minimum age of 14 (Year 10)
  • Known learning outcomes
  • Must be supervised during working activities
  • Unpaid by NHSBT
  • Not on ESR

This process supports ad hoc requests to NHSBT managers for school and college age work experience (Years 10-13). If you have been approached with a request for a professional work placement, please contact HR Direct.

NHSBT is not able to host work experience or placements for individuals that are not in education or employment as we require the educational establishment or primary employer to act as a sponsor.

Work Experience and Placement Policy and FAQ's:

Work Experience and Placement Policy - Link to the Work Experience and Placement Policy

Work Experience and Placement FAQ's - Link to the frequently asked questions regarding Work Experience and Placements 

Additional Guidance and Documents:

Any general enquiries you may have about work experience please contact HR Direct.