Leadership Ladder

How we demonstrate being a Leader who is caring, expert and delivers quality in everything they do, needs to be part of NHSBT’s DNA. We recognise this will vary in roles at different levels.  The Leadership Ladder (registration with Page Tiger required) will help you navigate your way from being:

  • An aspiring or new leader (Level 1) “The Effective Leader”
  • Someone who managers people or senior leader (Level 2) “The Engaging Leader”
  • Someone developing and leading strategy (Level 3) “The strategic leader

How to guidance for the Leadership Ladder - Guidance on how to use NHSBT's Leadership Ladder resource

Leadership Ladder 'How to use' Overview - An overview of how to use NHSBT's Leadership Ladder

Leadership Ladder Reporting tool - Managers should report completion of a level of the ladder for their direct reports via this reporting tool

The service deliverer core behaviour framework document outlines specific expectations for how we must go about our work in order to deliver our goals. It also defines behaviour expectations. This document can be used to support completion of the Leadership Ladder

Please note: you will need to log in using your NHSBT e-mail address when using the Ladder. For queries if you have requested a Leadership Ladder account, contact Page Tiger directly at support@pagetiger.com. They support general account lock outs and queries.

Designed to complement the Leadership Ladder programme, OWD can offer access to an on-line platform Magpie. This platform will feature content written not only by NHSBT but also providers such as the BBC and Forbes and can be in the form of podcasts, articles and courses. To request access and a licence for Magpie contact HR DIrect via the Contact Us page.

Leadership Ladder & Inclusion

“putting equality, diversity and inclusion at the centre of our recovery and transformation efforts, with the objective of saving and improving more lives and making NHSBT a great place to work for everyone” – Betsy Bassis May 2020

Enabling all colleagues to be their best selves is vital to the success of NHSBT. Leaders of all levels play a pivotal role in creating and sustaining an environment that is equal, diverse and inclusive.  You will already have completed your Mandatory Training in My ESR. This will ensure you have a good understanding of Diversity and Inclusion.  As we continue to work with you, we recognise the Leadership Ladder needs to reflect this broader expectation of Leaders and Managers.   We would therefore encourage you to consider Equality, Diversity, Inclusion by reviewing these resources 

Video: Introducing NHSBT's Leadership Ladder -This short video will introduce you to NHSBT's Leadership Ladder

Video : Why NHSBT's Leadership Ladder was created -This short video summarises why NHSBT's Leadership Ladder was created

Video : The benefits of NHSBT's Leadership Ladder - This short video will identify the benefits of NHSBT's Leadership Ladder

* It is the line manager's responsibility to record their direct reports completion of a level, on the Leadership Ladder reporting tool. In the current climate we are not producing certificates of completion or sending lanyard reels. This will be reviewed in June 2022. We would encourage manager's to keep their own account of who has completed a level of the Leadership Ladder