Home to Base travel

What type of home to base travel are you looking for?

Home to base travel

As part of the standard conditions of service, employees are required to organise their own home to base travel. Whether the travel is on public transport or by using your own vehicle, employees are unable to claim any reimbursement for their home to base travel for standard shifts. If you work across multiple bases and would like to understand if your base is classed as temporary or permanent for expense claims, please refer to the Work base classification guidance here.

If you are planning on using public transport for your home to base travel, you may be able to apply for a travel loan*. This can be used to help with the purchase of a rail season ticket or a buss pass, and will be recovered from your salary if agreed.

Although home to base mileage is not claimable for your standard shifts, if you are required to travel to work outside of your contracted hours you may be entitled to claiming 'recall to work' miles. To make sure you are able to claim these you will need to have your car set up in the system. If you will also use your vehicle for other business trips, please see the Using your own car page, however if it is just for 'recall to work' purposes please complete the New vehicle notification - not for business use form.

Excess Travel

Employees who have been forced to change base due to an organisational change may be entitled to claim Excess travel costs.

Excess travel covers the additional costs that may be incurred from a change of base, and will be discussed during the consultation process for the role change.

If you any queries around the excess travel process, please refer first to the Excess Travel Questions and Answers and the Excess Travel Process Map.

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