Salary Deduction Lease Car

Who can apply?

NHSBT operates a Salary Deduction lease car scheme, which is voluntary and offered to eligible employees. Currently any NHSBT employee, who is required to drive 3500 miles or more per year, on business, will be entitled to apply for a lease car.  NHSBT will contribute to an allowance, based on the annual business mileage and Co2 output of the lease car, towards the total cost of the car.  Further information on eligibility can be found in the Lease Car Scheme policy and Lease Car Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

It is essential to discuss your requirements for a Lease Car with you manager. You must both consider how your business travel may change over the duration of the Lease car contract. For example, with the introduction of the new technology, this may reduce the need for some face to face meetings, and the expansion of Agile working may lead to a greater requirement of flexibility.

Lease cars offer excellent benefits and value for money making it an attractive option for employees who travel on NHSBT business. 

If you are not eligible for a Lease car, or would prefer to use your own vehicle, you should see the Using your own car page, or visit our Salary Sacrifice Scheme.

Lease Car Guidance

The below links and guidance are in place to help with any queries you may have around Lease cars, as well as provide information on the costs associated with leasing a car.

Due to the current climate and limitations put in place to prevent further spread of Covid-19, a small update has been made regarding Covid-19 and Lease Cars.

Choosing your car

If it is agreed that you are eligible for a lease car, and will want to chose your vehicle, you will first have to register with the Lease Car Administrator: Knowles Associates. Once you have registered, you will be able to search the online catalogue of cars to obtain new quotes.

Other Documents

Insurance information and Documentation

Tax information and documentation

Since April 2019, taxation is now made against your salary once your lease car is received, and stopped once the lease car is returned. This means that once you receive your lease car vehicle, your monthly tax payments will change to cover this in line with HMRC's Benefit in Kind (BIK) policy. Previously, lease car BIK was calculated at the end of the financial year and would effect your tax payments in the following year. As your tax code is now updated upon receipt of your lease car, this is no longer the case. This also means that a P11D will no longer be generated for employee's lease cars.

Fuel Reimbursement

  • HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates - Lease Car. Fuel reimbursement rates are based on the lower or mid-point range rates as advised by HMRC.