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More information on using my own car for' business use'

Our duty of care extends to when you travel on business. When you are using your own vehicle for business travel, we need to ensure it  is safe, roadworthy and is properly insured.

The information we gather about your vehicle is kept on the 'Greyfleet' register, which also provides you access to claiming expenses when using your own car.

If you intend to use your own car for business use, you must register it with Knowles Associates who administer the 'Greyfleet' register before travelling.

All registered 'Greyfleet' vehicles must have 'business use' as part of their car insurance policy. This includes all business trips outside of standard home to base journeys, even if you do not claim back any expenses.

How to Register

Personal vehicles will need to be registered with  Knowles Associates the 'Greyfleet' administrator. For help with the registration process, please see the Greyfleet registration guidance notes.

Policy and FAQ documents

If you are planning to use your own vehicle for business trips, please make sure you have reviewed the Travel and Expenses Policy and Travel and Expenses Frequently Asked Questions

Tax on Business Mileage

Since April 2019 business mileage was changed to being taxed at source.

This means that the tax will be charged on the business mileage claims as they are paid to you and there will no longer be a P11D form generated for employees for mileage.

HMRC currently advise 45p per mile reimbursement for

mileage claims, however NHSBT pays 59p per mile for the first 3,500 miles thereafter 24p per mile. Tax calculations are made on the difference between the two rates. 

Other information

If you are just planning to use your own vehicle for home to base travel, and will not be using your vehicle for business journeys, please see the Home to Base travel page.

NHSBT wishes to encourage the use of Electric vehicles amongst our employees. If you currently own an electric vehicle, or are contemplating owning one in the future, please see the Electric Vehicle page.

For enquiries and information on requesting a lease car, please see the Salary Deduction Lease car page or visit our Salary Sacrifice Scheme page.