How to book (Qualified and Scientific & SHTO roles)

  1. Authorisation - Complete the agency booking request to proceed form and press the submit button to gain approval.  This will give you an automatic acknowledgement with a reference number and once approved full instructions for your next steps.

  2. Booking your Agency Worker - Email the agency or agencies from the preferred suppliers list document ensuring you attach the booking form you have been sent with your approval email.

  3. Provision of CVs and Shortlisting - Your selected agency or agencies will send you CVs for you to shortlist and interview, which we recommend you do as a matter of urgency so you don't lose candidates.

  4. Pre-employment Checks - Advise the agency of your selected candidates and they will undertake the necessary pre-appointment checks and confirm when received.

  5. Once you have a name for the agency worker you wish to take on, ensure you enter the booking onto i-procurement using the guidance to create an agency worker requisition document.

  6. Tax Assurance - The manager will need to check their contract is set up as PAYE or via an umbrella company at the agency. The manager must then send an e-mail to advising of this status.

  7. Timesheet approval - You will need to complete timesheets as instructed by the agency. Hours must be receipted on i-procurement to ensure payment.

Guidance and Checklists

Use of alternative suppliers

Where it has not been  possible to use our preferred suppliers and your requirements have not been filled via Fieldglass you should contact Procurement on 0117 921 7600 or log a service now call using the Finance Customer Query Form.

You can then refer to the guidance document to alternative suppliers. You will also need to ask the agency to complete the clearances checklist for agency/ contract workers.

Induction and Leavers

Agency workers must undertake relevant induction and mandatory training to understand what is required visit the New Starters page.

It is essential that a leavers process is followed at the point of the Agency/ Contract Workers leaving to ensure relevant IT accounts are closed and/ or security passes etc are retrieved prior to them leaving. Please refer to the departments to notify section on the Leavers page.