Managers and Specialist Contractors

This category of worker is provided by Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS) using the Fieldglass on-line system which is supported by NHSBTs Procurement Department.

For any queries relating to agency bookings made through the Public Sector Resourcing Framework via Fieldglass, or relating to setting up an account on Fieldglass contact details are provided below:

Maxine Duffett

Account Manager

Marta Zabinska

Account Specialist

If you do not receive a response after contacting the above you may wish to contact the NHSBT procurement department on 0117 921 7600 or log a Service Now call using the Finance Customer Query Form.

It is advisable to ensure that you have a Fieldglass account as early as possible if you do not already have one. If this is the case, Request a Fieldglass Account. This will avoid any unnecessary delays once you have authorisation to make your booking. 

If you are familiar with the booking process for contractors complete the Agency Request Form to gain authorisation for your booking request. Otherwise a full explanation of the process is given in the section How to Book below. Further information can also be found in the Public Sector Resourcing Quick Reference guidance document and the hiring manager user guide document.

NHSBT has decided that we will not contract with individuals via a personal service company without prior approval from the Director of Finance. This is because all contractors are deemed inside of IR35 and therefore arrangements need to allow for the payment of employment taxes. Contractors must be set up as PAYE or via an umbrella company.

Visit the How to book page to get started and for additional guidance.