How to book (Managers and Specialist Contractors)

  1. Request a booking - To commence the authorisation process for your agency booking you will need to complete the Agency Request Form. Completing this will ensure that the internal authorisation process is followed and avoid any unnecessary delays in your booking request.

  2. Authorisation - During the automated authorisation process you will receive emails updating you on the progress of your request. These will be sent from NHSBT Notification <> and will confirm that your request has had final approval as well as giving you links direct to the Fieldglass system to make your booking.

  3. Tax Assurances - Following each appointment Financial control will obtain confirmation from the agency that the contractor is PAYE or under an umbrella company. For further details of the guideline visit the Tax assurances page.

  4. Fieldglass Accounts - If you do not already have an account you need to request a Fieldglass account. Do this early to ensure no delays. Further information is available on the use of Fieldglass in the Fieldglass Hiring Manager guidance document and training can be provided by procurement on request. Public Sector Resourcing (PSR) also provide a  quick reference guidance document  to show an overview of the process of booking and selecting an agency worker.

  5. Booking your contractor on Fieldglass - When you have your Fieldglass account details you can enter your booking onto the Fieldglass system. When completing your booking requirement on Fieldglass you will be asked: Is the requirement in or out of scope of IR35? Please ensure that you respond to this, indicating it is in scope. Further information regarding this can be found on the Tax assurances page. Ensure that you enter the APPRV number provided to you, as the Client Reference Number in Fieldglass which will allow Procurement to Approve your requirement on Fieldglass. AMS will make contact with you to gain a thorough understanding of the role.

  6. Fieldglass Requisition Completion - Before you submit your Fieldglass Requisition it is important to ensure you have provided all the information necessary. The system does not prompt you for everything so extra detail must be put in the “additional information specific to this role” field. A Managers and Specialist Contractors checklist provides reminders for you to include all the relevant information and how to answer some of the questions.

  7. Provision of CVs and Shortlisting - AMS will provide CVs for you to shortlist and interview. Please liaise with AMS via Fieldglass to advise of recruitment and selection arrangements. We recommend that you respond to shortlisting and interviewing as a matter of urgency as you don't want to lose candidates.

  8. Pre-employment checks - AMS will undertake all necessary pre-employment checks and will confirm when satisfactory checks have been received so that you can arrange a start date.

  9. Timesheet approval - Timesheets and payments are managed through the Fieldglass system. If a worker finishes earlier than their planned assignment end date, please contact procurement on 0117 921 7600 or log a service now call using the Finance Customer Query Form.

Guidance and Checklists

Use of alternative suppliers

Where it has not been  possible to use our preferred suppliers and your requirements have not been filled via Fieldglass you should contact Procurement on 0117 921 7600 or log a service now call using the Finance Customer Query Form.

You can then refer to the guidance document to alternative suppliers. You will also need to ask the agency to complete the clearances checklist for agency/ contract workers.

Induction and Leavers

Agency workers must undertake relevant induction and mandatory training to understand what is required visit the New Starters page.

It is essential that a leavers process is followed at the point of the Agency/ Contract Workers leaving to ensure relevant IT accounts are closed and/ or security passes etc are retrieved prior to them leaving. Please refer to the departments to notify section on the Leavers page.