Nursing Roles

Standard recruitment documentation has been agreed for the roles of Sister/Charge Nurse, Area Nurse/Area Charge Nurse and Senior Sister/Senior Charge Nurse.  This includes the recruitment profile, application questions, interview questions and interview assessment form.  These are available from your recruitment contact.

We have a selection of recruitment materials including posters, leaflets and pens available from your recruitment contact which can be used to promote your vacancy in your local area. 

It is strongly recommended that the shortlisted candidates attend a session visit or speak to someone about the role.

The NCQ team provide the Recruiting Manager with support for planning and coordinating the induction training for a new nurse.  It is therefore essential that you contact your local Training and Practice Lead Nurse as soon as you receive confirmation to proceed with your recruitment. 

You must have a nurse on your interview panel when recruiting for nursing roles.

Once you have a start date for your new recruit, it is essential to set up a pre-meet with NCQ Team Training and Practice Lead Nurse and the mentor allocated to support the new nurse.

TIP:  It can be difficult to recruit to nursing posts so you may find it useful to consider the advice set out in the Top Tips document - when Difficult to Recruit.