Starting Arrangements

When all pre-appointment checks have been satisfactorily completed, you will need to contact your new starter to agree a start date. 

Once you have notified your recruitment contact of the agreed start date your recruitment contact will issue your candidate with a final offer letter and contract of employment (or bank agreement for Team Assistants). 

You can then start to plan for their arrival. Please also note the following:-

  • Contact your NCQ Facilitator to agree the planning of your new recruits induction training. Consider who will be involved in delivering this training and when / where this will take place.  A pre-meet with your NCQ Facilitator is essential.
  • Arrange to go through the induction their first day, including the completion of their training plan and Personal Development Plan
  • Review the new starters pages on People First to arrange grey fleet, uniform, identity badges and swipe cards, Brightspace account, IT access and email.