Paying Bank Workers

Complete the new starter documentation for payroll on the first day your Team Assistant works. 

Bank workers working sessions should be added to the Quick Entry Screen  (QES) in the Nextra Live system, in line with the Blood Donation Calendar. 

TIPs for pay and EASY:

  • Make sure your Team Assistant self-registers on EASY after you’ve got the assignment number (remember to allow a couple of days for the data interface to set up their EASY account before they self-register), so the payslip and P60 can be viewed.
  • Show your new Team Assistant/Bank Worker where to find the Roster Fortnight Summary timetable for payment of hours on the Donor Session Information page.
  • Remind them that they can access EASY from their tablet/iPad, Smartphone as well as from a work or home computer.
  • Show your Team Assistants/Bank Workers where to find the sessions due to be paid/already paid on the Nextra System