Team Assistant (Bank)

Pre-agreed Recruitment Documentation

Standard recruitment documentation has been agreed for this role. The pre-agreed information to be used includes the advert, recruitment profile, benefits information and application questions.

Shortlisting for Interview

To keep numbers to a manageable level, it is recommended that you base the number of applications you shortlist for interview on the following:-

  • For 1 appointment we recommend you shortlist between 6 to 8
  • For 2 appointments we recommend you shortlist between 8 to 12
  • For 3 appointments we recommend you shortlist between 12 to 16

The Selection Day

The selection day consists of a session tour, completion of an availability and session tour feedback questionnaire and reading the team information sheet, followed by an interview.  Wherever possible it is best to hold the selection day in a session venue with a separate room to hold the interviews.  To assist you in planning the day use the example schedule document.


The recruitment templates you will require for your selection day are available by clicking on the link below or on request from your recruitment contact:-

Team Information Sheet template: to be completed prior to your selection day

Example of Team Information Sheet: pre-populated to give you some ideas of what to include

Interview Assessment Form: to record your scoring of the candidates

Candidate Session Tour Checklist: to be completed by the person undertaking the tour for each candidate

Candidate Session Tour Feedback Questionnaire: to be completed by the candidates

Interview Questions and note taking template: These are pre-agreed questions and set out to allow for note taking. These are available from your recruitment contact. 

Candidate Interview Checklist and Outcome form: for noting documents and confirming successful candidate(s)

Template for Certified Identity Documents: to use when copying, scanning or photographing identity documents such as passport and driving licence

Resources Required

  • 3 colleagues – 2 for the interview panel and 1 to welcome, undertake tour/activities and arrange for copies of documents
  • 1 copy per candidate of the Team Information Sheet
  • 1 copy per candidate of the Candidate Session Tour Checklist and TA Availability and Tour Feedback Questionnaire
  • 1 copy per candidate of the Candidate Interview Checklist and Outcome form
  • 1 copy of the template for certified copy of the identity documents
  • 1 copy per interview panel member of the interview pack and assessment form
  • Sufficient copies of interview questions and note taking template for each of the panel members