Resources and Training

I want to find support on;

Nipping it in the Bud. A workbook resource for colleagues managing people. Shows how to identify, prevent, and respond to conflict in the workplace.  Helps you to 'nip it in the bud' to reduce formal complaints and grievances. 


The Circle of Influence video.  Helps you understand why people might react in the way they do to a range of situations. It also looks at the pitfalls that may bring.

Push and Pull Part 1 of 3. First of the 'Little Ted' talks on the concepts of both ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ influencing styles. It also discusses how they might be effective in the workplace.

Push and Pull Part 2 of 3. Continuing on from part one.  Explores how to use the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ energies when you are trying to influence others. It also explores the pitfalls of overusing either of the energies and the impact it can have.

Push and Pull Part 3 of 3. The art of influencing. Outlines some practical applications and benefits of using both ‘Push and Pull’ energies. It also poses some meaningful questions about how you might currently influence and what you could do to improve this. 


Coaching Conversations online module. Coaching can enable an environment of engagement, empowerment and proactive and innovative problem solving and decision making.  As coaching is all about personal one-to-one interaction, the online module on Brightspace has been developed so you can identify and understand some of the principles and processes of successful coaching conversations.

This on-line module will not make you a proficient coach as ultimately you can only learn to coach by coaching others using the ideas presented here and developing them for yourself. You do not have to become a coach or mentor once you have completed this module.
You must complete this module before booking to attend the Manager as Coach course.

Other Learning / Leadership and Management support resources

Leadership and Management | Microsoft Stream. A webpage hosting a range of Leadership and Management Development content and videos

Learning Hub NHSBT. Provides access to:

• Brightspace eLearning
• Coaching and mentoring
• Digital learning network
• Learning Hub videos
• Performance management
• Skillboosters | Microsoft Stream

Health and Wellbeing

If you are impacted or affected by your experiences in the workplace, here are some health and wellbeing resources which may be accessed 

  • Employee Assistance Programme - Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 0800 716017 or call (outside the UK) +44 1455 254151 
  • Mental Health Wellbeing Champions - are trained to listen and support colleagues. They are not able to diagnose or provide counselling, but they do provide a listening ear and help guide colleagues to relevant support when appropriate. 
  • Wellbeing Hub- is full of information for colleagues about additional health and wellbeing support. It covers topics around stress, sleep, being in crisis, accessing additional support in the workplace and much more. Click our Wellbeing Hub to access further information.